Tow Truck Working Principles That Help Carry Vehicles

Ever wondered how a tow truck works? If yes, this is the discussion that you will need to follow because we will be discussing them here. And after going through the discussion, you can choose the right towing service if you are in Melbourne or its suburbs. Anyway, let us now see how the tow trucks work, and the way they help carry your vehicle from one point to another.

  • Connection with the Bracket System

Most of the modern tow trucks nowadays use a bracket system, and if you book a towing service in Melbourne or any of its suburbs, you can expect this type of vehicle.

Here, you can find a large steel frame on the back of the tow truck. This is used to support the car that will be towed. This technique is highly popular because of its safety. Besides, it requires little work from the driver’s end.

Tow trucks equipped with bracket systems are capable of carrying cars from both their front side and the back. Also, attaching the vehicle with the truck is easy.

  • Vehicle Inspection and Securing

The company offering towing services in Epping and other Melbourne suburbs will secure your vehicle with the bracket system. They will attach it to the steel beams in between your vehicle’s beams. Then they will secure them using solid steel pins.

After that, the drivers will use machinery to raise the steel beams, also known as the yolk.

After that, the tow truck drivers will manoeuvre the yolk evenly following which, they will insert pins through the wheels to keep the car in the right position. This way, damage to your car can be minimised.

  • Towing with Chain and Hooks

The provider of the towing services in Mernda and other Melbourne suburbs might use chains and hooks to tow your car as well.

In this method, a strong hook is used to tow your car. It is attached to the underside of your vehicle. Then, it is secured with some extra chains. This is a safe method but if you do get to hear that this method will be used, ask the towing company whether the internal components will stay undamaged during the process.

  • Flatbed Towing

In the towing services in Wollert and the other Melbourne suburbs, you will get to see another method that is very popular which is called Flatbed towing. Here, a mechanical system is used which acts as a ramp. The vehicle that will be towed is then manoeuvred onto the bed. Following this, your vehicle’s wheels will be fastened with chains that are attached to the flatbed. Finally, the flatbed will be mechanically lowered. Now, your car is ready to be towed.

The advantage to flatbed towing is that apart from a car, other equipment such as construction equipment, motorcycles, and other vehicles can be safely towed.

So, now that you know the different towing principles, you can ask relevant questions to the provider of the Melbourne towing service that you have hired.

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