Towing Rules That You Should Know Before You Book a Service

If your car is down, it will not take you much time to book a towing service. But before you can book a service, you should know a few towing rules that apply. 

Complying with these rules is important for both you and the towing service provider. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the rules that you should know. 

  • Your Vehicle Should Have Registration

Before you call a cheap tow truck in Melbourne or any of its suburbs, make sure your vehicle is registered because as per the laws, a vehicle can only be towed if it has registration. Otherwise, no matter the situation, the towing professionals will be unable to remove your car that is either broken or has become damaged due to an accident. Therefore, you should always carry the documents with you whenever you are driving.

  • The Towing Trailer Has To Be Registered As Well

Apart from your vehicle, the towing service provider whom you are calling needs to have registered trailers at their disposal. So, before you call a company that provides towing in Melbourne or any of its suburbs, make sure it is registered. 

You should check the website of the towing service provider or ask them about their registration by phone.

  • The Towing Trailer and Your Vehicle Should Be Roadworthy

If your vehicle is not roadworthy, it cannot be towed. Similarly, whenever you are hiring Melbourne towing services, for instance, or a service provider in its services, the trailers provided need to be roadworthy as well. 

If both or, any of these aren’t roadworthy, the rules forbid towing as a whole due to a number of reasons which we will discuss later. Anyway, just make sure that your car is in a decent situation and the service that you are hiring provides appropriate towing trailers.

  • The Tow Trailer Should Have a Number Plate at Its Rear

As per the laws, the tow trailers provided by the companies offering towing services in Mernda and other Melbourne suburbs contain number plates at their rear. This is an indication of their authenticity. Thus, booking a well-known service is important. 

As mentioned already, you can verify the authenticity of the providers of towing services by giving them a call or checking their website.

  • Only One Vehicle Can Be Towed

This is another law that you need to be aware of before you book a towing service provider.

At a time, the service provider can tow only one vehicle. So, if you are in an emergency and want more than one vehicle to be towed, you might not be able to do so. 

This rule applies to trailers as well. However, there are certain situations when this rule might not apply. So, before you book a towing service in Wollert or any other Melbourne suburbs, inform them about the number of vehicles that have to be removed, and whether they can be removed at all. 

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